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Who We Are

We are a certified woman and service-disabled veteran owned small business founded and operated by experts from the local community.

What We Do

We focus on fulfillment of government and commercial software contracts. We target the market of municipal and logistics applications used by government entities. The United States government regularly specifies that the Prime contractor on a particular contract will be a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB). In addition to being a WOSB we are a Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. The contracts we work on are classified by the Government under NAICS Code category - Computer Systems Design and Related Services. We design, build, and maintain core application functionality for software systems, using our proprietary Scrum/Agile process adjusted to the requirements of the particular contract. In addition to Government contracts, we pursue commercial endeavors, with our deep bench of highly skilled software engineers.


We have a vision to fuse your organizational goals with the design process.

Feedback and Requirements

We use two week Agile Methodology iteriation periods that provide continuous feedback and improvements to our customers.


Execution of the software project provided by our team of experts.

Expertise and Core Capabilities

Our founding team of trusted, local, industry experts have over 100 years experience developing software solutions

Core Values

At Gate Way Solutions, we tenaciously apply our core values, what we like to call the SUAVE Principle.

Service - We strive to provide an elite level of service for our customers, partners, employees and community. Service is at the core of everything we do. We believe service is our most important value.

Unity - We believe people thrive working together as one. A beautiful orchestra consists of a variety of unique instruments.

Adaptability - We understand that being fast, agile, adaptable, and methodical are crucial to success in a constantly changing environment.

Value - We ensure maximum value for our customer and employees by utilizing a proprietary blend of software development tools and techniques.

Energy - We tirelessly strive to provide our customers with the latest secure solutions and maintain a lifetime commitment to support.

Mission Statement

At Gate Way Solutions, we strive to provide unparalleled service for government and private sector clients using in-house engineered solutions. We diligently apply our Core Values to deliver excellent quality Information Technology products and services to our customers.

Our Team

We have a combined 100+ years of experience in the Department of Defense and Software Development domains. We excel in the market at finding, hiring, training, certifying, and developing software engineering talent. We also build advanced business facing applications to assist us with these endeavors, such as an intuitive Certification tracking/employee reward system based on crypto currency, including a mobile app. We put an emphasis on hiring Veterans and Disadvantaged Peoples form the local community and turning them into Full-Stack Software Engineers.

Agile Frameworks

We leverage agile frameworks such as Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework to provide robust, iterative oversight for our customers. Our techniques are based on the principles of lean and agile development.

Sustainable Growth

We manage our growth in a disciplined and methodical way in order to provide individual support and enduring commitments to our customers.

Workforce Diversity

Our diverse identities bring substantial benefits such as better decision making, improved problem solving, greater creativity and innovation. This leads to enhanced product development.

Win-Win Corporate Strategies

We bring to the table mutually beneficial corporate strategies to ensure that our customers and partners thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Our Customers

We are proud to serve the Department of Defense, the State of Illinois and local business owners by providing customized software development, enterprise IT system design, and web and mobile app for a more efficient business.

Contact Us

Please reach out with your thoughts and questions. We would love to hear from you!

  • 1710 Corporate Crossing Suite 3

    O'Fallon IL, 62269

  • + 01 618 726 2126

  • contact@gatewaysolutions.com